Platform Management Announces Merger of idsTAG into InfoChip, LP

Platform Management Announces Merger of idsTAG into InfoChip, LP

Houston, TX – Effective October 2014, idsTAG, a well-known player in the valve industry, agreed to merge into InfoChip, LP, an RFID solutions company that provides RFID software, RFID tags, and RFID readers for industrial applications. InfoChip, LP’s primary sales office is in Houston, Texas.

According to Mike Stradinger, CEO of InfoChip, LP, “idsTAG’s relationships in the valve industry will open doors, speed sales cycles and allow InfoChip, LP to quickly gain market share.” Ionel Nechiti, President of idsTAG, states that the functionality of InfoChip, LP’s asset tracking and compliance software and the durability of their tagging solutions are ideal for the valve industry.

InfoChip, LP is the product of the merger of Holland 1916 Inc. and InfoChip Systems Inc. InfoChip LP provides RFID software under the eQuip brand and offers mobile, desktop, and test bench modules. The software solutions are easily customizable, and eQuip has over 35,000 users. The company offers a wide variety of UHF and HF RFID tags for on, in, or near metal applications and other harsh environments. InfoChip, LP and its predecessor companies have deployed over 5,000,000 RFID tags for industrial applications.

idsTAG was founded in 2004 by the current management group of Platform Management. The company is focused on developing software and tagging solutions for the valve industry.

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