New Website Goes Live for Platform Management!

New Website Goes Live for Platform Management!

Platform Management has always put their subsidiary company's needs before their own. It's an imperative stance that the company has taken in order to prove its dedication to any business venture. Cooper Valves, Safer Systems, and Major Incorporated now have re-designed branding, literature, and websites that have increased public interest and sales.

Platform Management's Marketing Manager Bryan Riter elaborated, "We have been very focused on modernizing the image and product offerings of our subsidiaries. Since these companies have been in business for a very long time and are considered to be among the pioneers of their respective industries, it is paramount that we present not only an illustrious past, but also what they are bringing to the market in 2015 and beyond. The method here is to capitalize on expertise and experience gained over time, while bringing young, fresh ideas to the market to assure that our companies have a bright future by remaining highly competitive and on the leading edge of technology."

The marketing department set their sights on updating Platform Management's look to match in quality.

"It's important that Platform Management's image mirrors what we are capable of," says Matt Ackerman, Graphic Designer for Platform Management, "It's easy to be overlooked in the business if you don't stand out, even if your portfolio is top notch."

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