About us


A company of experts dedicated to growing your business.

About us

What makes us Different?

We only invest in businesses with great talent, strong culture, and a healthy legacy. We provide support, direction, and resources to help companies build upon an already well-oiled establishment.

We provide Our Expertise

From our Texas headquarters we provide dedicated expertise to manage and grow existing portfolios of strategic partner companies, while we are expanding our focus to diversify into a broader spectrum of value added services and client base.

We are passionate about Our Objective

Our principle objective is finding the solutions and opportunities that can secure the best outcome for our clients' investments and businesses. We have a proven track record of growing small and medium organizations, as well as building alternative investment portfolios, by promoting innovation and entrepreneurial attitudes. Once the day to day business is under control, we stay connected with our clients for continued long-term planning to stay ahead of the curve.

More about Our Success

Our success is the result of high quality management and a clear overview of purpose combines with established long-term relationships that foster closer partnerships with our clients. Key elements in our activities are building trust, developing a deep understanding of our clients' business needs, and our unwavering commitment to do the right thing of our customers.


Some of our Platform Management professionals

Ionel Nechiti


Steven Mines

Managing Director

Harvey Fuson

Chief Market Strategy Officer

Ginger Restovic

Strategic Business Development & Investment
  • David Kuhn

    Platform Management plays a key role in our growth thanks to their wealth of experience across the business spectrum. They do finance, acquisitions, production, distribution, and facility expansion.

    David Kuhn / President / Major Inc.