Platform Management believes that success can be achieved to higher degree when a workforce harbors a sense of community.


We are constantly trend-watching for potential shifts in our market and then approach them in smarter, more beneficial ways.


Platform Management continues to exceed all expectations in business growth, brand development, and work atmosphere.

What can Platform Management do for YOU?

Not only do we provide an experienced management team, our business structure allows us to utilize resources from other companies that we own.

This not only brings down cost, but gives all employees an opportunity to expand their work interests.

Investors always welcome!

Platform Management means secure performance.

  •  Vast Opportunity
  •  Strong Returns
  •  Experienced Management
  •  Exceeds Expectations

Robust Portfolio

Platform Management's portfolio is comprised of businesses that reach various markets and industries, allowing us to resist negative impacts during times of economic difficulty.

Modernizing the Industry

Platform Management's marketing team provides a sleek brand new look to each business in our portfolio in order to stand out in the industry, drastically increasing sales and revenue.

Platform of Growth

Platform Management's sole purpose is to take in small businesses with serious potential and allow them to realize it. Our leadership and resources are beneficial to everyone involved.

Looking to build a better business?

Platform Management is always looking for new business ventures.
Get in contact with us if you think we are a good fit for your business!


What makes us Successful?

Our success is tied directly to our people. Our talented staff of professionals hail from a wide range of backgrounds and industries which allows Platform Management to be incredibly flexible in an ever changing business landscape.

We have a proven track record of growing small and medium organizations by promoting innovation and entrepreneurial attitudes among all of our employees.

What Do We Provide?




  Finance & Banking

  Technical Support

  Supply Chain


From our Texas headquarters we provide dedicated expertise to manage and grow our existing portfolio companies while expanding our focus to diversify into a broader spectrum of services. Please click on any of our current businesses below to learn more about them and how we've helped them grow.

SAFER Systems

Chemical Risk Management Software

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What's going on with Platform Management?

HOUSTON, Texas, January 9, 2017 – Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: FET) announced today that it has acquired the assets of Cooper Valves from Platform Management investment group.

Mar, 06 2017   0 Comments   xli  

Houston, Texas (July 28, 2015) – Major Incorporated, a U.S. Northeast-based distributor of pipe, valves, fittings, and actuation solutions, has been acquired by Shale-Inland from Platform Management.

Jul, 29 2015   0 Comments   mackerman  

Platform Management emphasized the importance of re-authorizing the U.S. Export Import Bank for domestic businesses when visited by the people capable of accomplishing the task.

May, 11 2015   0 Comments   mackerman  
  • David Kuhn

    Platform Management plays a key role in our growth thanks to their wealth of experience across the business spectrum. They do finance, acquisitions, production, distribution, and facility expansion.

    David Kuhn / President / Major Inc.